The Kharkov non-commercial research group ("R&D GNSSgroup") performs the development and experimental testing of domestic network technologies (methods, algorithms and the software) of GNSS observation processing for the purpose of high precision positioning and navigation. The main direction – creation of new effective methods, mathematical support and software of static and kinematic/stop&go dual-frequency and single-frequency positioning of centimeter accuracy (at present - in the post-processing mode), using GNSS networks of permanent reference stations and the centralized organization of gathering and processing of GNSS stations and user observations.

Main directions of the development:

  • methods of creation of information and measuring GNSS systems for solution of practical tasks of high precision positioning and navigation, new methods of realization, the development of the network WAD/VRS/MAC technologies;
  • pre-processing of GNSS observations – detection, estimation and repair of carrier-phase cycle/half cycle slips, quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) of code and carrier-phase observations, estimation of the level of code observation multipath, analysis of the ionosphere activity etc.;
  • development and improvement of methods of carrier-phase ambiguity resolution (CPAR) of permanent GNSS station networks observations and mobile user observations for inter baseline distances of middle (up to ~200 km) and large (~200÷1000 km) length; verification of CPAR results;
  • areal (network) corrections for the purpose of high precision positioning by carrier-phase measurements; creation and estimation of local/regional ionosphere and troposphere models.

The important direction of the activity – training of high skilled specialists – young scientists who can develop, research and practice state-of-the-art GNSS technologies of coordinate and time service.

For more detailed information about the activity of the group – see section «About us».