Brief introduction

In 2002 in Kharkov a non-commercial research group (symbolically called «R&D GNSSgroup») which purpose is creation and development of domestic GNSS technologies of navigation and high precision positioning was created. The main direction of the development – creation of new effective methods, mathematical support and the software of static and kinematic/stop&go dual-frequency and single-frequency positioning of centimeter accuracy with use of GNSS permanent reference stations network and the centralized organization of gathering and joint processing of stations and user observations.

The group started working within the framework of the subject of the department of space geodynamics of the Main Astronomical Observatory of NAN of Ukraine (MAO NASU) under the leadership of the Academician Ya. Yatskiv. Since September 2004 the specialists of the group have been the staff of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE) and since 2008 they have made a part of the scientific and research laboratory "Satellite network technologies of high-precision positioning" (SRL «SNTPP») of the Scientific-Educational Centre (SEC) of the sub-department “Fundamentals of Radio Engineering” of KhNURE. At that time there is continuous scientific and technical cooperation with MAO NAS of Ukraine. Owing to this cooperation since 2008-2010 there has been carried out a number of important joint developments and researches. The main results of these developments are presented on the given site in the section «Projects» and on the site of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The experience saved up in the specified period and the expansion of the structure of the group allowed achieving in 2011-2012 the most important scientific results, in particular, in the solution of the tasks of determination of conditions and algorithms of reliable carrier-phase ambiguity resolution of dual-frequency and single-frequency GNSS observations, estimation and more precise accounting of the ionosphere variations and troposphere errors of observations, creation of a new network technology of centimeter accuracy positioning by single-frequency observations in the sparse networks of reference stations on basic lines of ~100 km, etc.

Our team is interested in creative interaction with the potential partners and the organizations-investors as to the implementation of practical projects on the creation and implementation of domestic industrial samples of software means of GNSS observation centralized processing in the tasks of high precision positioning.