Testing of Solutions

There are carried out the researches of algorithms and software of attitude determination and relative position of moving objects. Natural experiments (testing) were performed by use of the created prototype of attitude determination GPS system.

There are solved the tasks of estimation of single- and dual frequency carrier-phase ambiguity resolution algorithms features on small baselines with use of separate GPS receivers with free-running oscillators (clocks) and the tasks of estimation of attitude determination.algorithms features. The testing has shown that the developed prototype of the system allows angles determining with accuracy (RMS) of: yaw – 0.06 ang. deg., roll – 0.3 ang. deg., pitch – 0.28 ang. deg. that complies with the characteristics of the corresponding analogs - TRIMBLE SPS461, NovAtel FlexG2 Heading, NovAtel SE-D-L1L2-G-Z, МРК-32 etc.).

When solving the task of relative kinematic determination/navigation of moving objects the positioning errors (RMS) did not exceed 10 mm for all the three coordinates on baselines ~200 m.

* The works are carried out within the goal-oriented complex «Program of NAS of Ukraine on space researches for 2012-2016.

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Authors: Alexey A. Zhalilo, Alexey A. Zhelanov, Igor V. Ditskiy, Evgeniy A. Bessonov

In the report are presented the results of testing the developments of the SRL «SNTPP» – methods, algorithms and software for post processing of dual frequency and single frequency network GNSS (GPS) observations for solving the tasks of centimeter accuracy positioning in static and kinematic surveying. The purpose of testing – fine-tuning of new effective methods of processing the observations, demonstration of performance capabilities and comparison the features of the developed prototype of the software complex «OCTAVA» with the existing foreign products-analogues. It is shown that the developed domestic technology of high precision positioning is competitive, comparable by its accuracy characteristics with the best foreign analogues, and in part of single frequency positioning – excels the foreign analogues in class of software products for post processing.

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Authors: NAU, "GRANAS" Ltd, KhNURE, MAO

The results of experimental estimation of accuracy and reliability of positioning in static and kinematic modes by use of differential VBS&HP -corrections of OmniSTAR BV company (Netherlands) are given in the report. Main principles and characteristics of VBS&HP -technologies and services of OmniSTAR BV (providing high precision differential DGPS navigation, geodetic survey and positioning support of GIS on a worldwide scale with a level of accuracy of ~1 m ( VBS ) and ~10 cm ( HP ) in real time are briefly described.

Such experimental researches are carried out in Ukraine for the first time, and their results, in opinion of authors, can represent considerable interest for several groups of GPS-users of Ukraine for which it is important not only high accuracy of positioning but also high efficiency of geodetic surveying and other precision works.