2003 (2)

Название: Regional and local systems of Ukraine for monitoring of geodynamical and atmospheric parameters by using the GNSS
Автор(ы): Yatskiv Ya., Khoda O., Zhalilo A., Suberlak V.
Издание: GNSS 2003 - The European Navigation Conference. - Graz, Austria. - April 22-25 2003. - p.198
Название: Carrier-Phase Cycle-Slip detection and repair of Dual-Frequency GPS data - New Technique using Correlation Filtering Principle
Автор(ы): Zhalilo A.A.
Издание: Proceedings of thе 10th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems. - St. Petersburg, Russia. - 26-28 May 2003. - pp. 273-276