High-Precision GPS-Positioning Using the Phase Observations of Differential Frequency

Название: High-Precision GPS-Positioning Using the Phase Observations of Differential Frequency
Автор(ы): Zhalilo A.A., Zhelanov A.A., Shelkovenkov D.A., Shokalo V.M.
Издание: Radioelectronics and Comunications Systems. - Vol.54 №2. - 2011. - pp. 77-86


The results of developing a complex of new efficient algorithms and software for high-precision GPS-positioning of moving and stationary objects have been described using the phase observations of differential frequency (Wide Lane observations). Experimental investigations of the algorithms for the phase ambiguity resolution of Wide Lane observations and high-precision positioning were presented using the real measuring data during the performance of aerial photography on boar d the aircraft and stations of the permanent network in Ukraine. Peculiarities and opportunities of implementing the proposed procedures for processing of GPS observations were discussed. It was shown experimentally that the complete resolution of phase ambiguity and the subdecimeter accuracy of positioning can be achieved under the standard conditions of observations. Typical root-mean-square errors in determining the location of dynamic objects amount to 3-5 cm in terms of plane coordinates and 3-7 cm in terms of height at base distances of up to 150 km. For static determinations the root-mean-square errors do not exceed 2-4 cm for all coordinates at base distances of up to 170 km. The developed domestic algorithmic software package is a high-precision toolset for the processing of observations and can be recommended for different practical applications.